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The Carita Experience

Carita experience

Each Carita treatment is personalised and offers immediate visible results. These premium facials give amazing radiance, increase skin rejuvenation and firmness and leave your complexion glowing with health.

Carits's new CINETIC™Expert Lift Machine offers and alternative to cosmetic surgery. It combines micro-current, ultrasound and LED light for truly dramatic results.

CINETIC™ Express Lift £55.00
This anti-wrinkle and lifting treatment will re-sculpt facial contours and leave the skin luminous and glowing with youth.
Treatment time: 55 minutes
CINETIC™ Expert Lift £65.00
With the added benefit of targeted lifting techniques, this facial will intensively transform your skin.
Treatment time: 1 hour 10 minutes
CINETIC™ Gold Perfection £90.00
Reawaken the skin's youthfulness and recapture its vitality, with this truly radiance inducing treatment which leaves the facial contours firmer and even-toned thanks to CINETIC's bespoke anti-ageing massage techniques and Mineral Gold to leave the skin glowing. The CINETIC™ futuristic technology truly delivers the ultimate results in lifting and firming.
Treatment time: 1 hour 45 minutes
CINETIC™ Precious Diamond £110.00
This exquisite luxurious treatment uses unprecedented products which contain a fusion of plants and Diamonds to stimulate cell renewal an prolong the youth of the skin with a new lease of life. Intensely transformed, skin is deeply regenerated and visibly flawless and firmer, with ultimate clarity and luminosity. A truly unforgettable experience.
Treatment time: 1 hour 45 minutes
CINETIC™ Precious Diamond for Eyes £35.00
A powerful luxurious eye treatment to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lined and wrinkles as well as eliminate dark circles and puffiness. Transform and reawaken the eye contour with a new lease of sparkle. Eyes appear visibly refreshed and smooth.
Treatment time: 45 minutes
CINETIC™ Ideal solution £50.00
Specially designed for client who require an intensive treatment to exfoliate, deep cleanse and revitalise their skin. Using Carita's CINETIC™ technology and luxury products, this facial is the perfect treat for all skin types.
Treatment time: 1 hour